Shout out: 100 Creatives

I’m always impressed by the creativity that abounds in the Twin Cities, and am often overwhelmed by all the stories to tell, and the great artists to profile. It’s an enormous task, and there aren’t that many of us out there doing it.

That’s why I’ve been delighted to see City Pages’ new series 100 Creatives, by Jessica Armbruster.

Every few days Armbruster profiles an artist or musician, with details like how long they’ve lived in Minnesota, who their major influences are, oh and say their favorite flavor of ice cream.

So far Armbruster has profiled 5 artists, which means she’s committed to writing about 95 more. In a town with so much creativity, and in which our local reviewers are often spending their time writing about artists just passing through, this is an effort to get excited about.

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