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Jazz, classical fuse for an exciting hybrid – Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

At first glance, classical and jazz musicians look to occupy different worlds, the black-tie traditionalism of classical a contrast to the spontaneous creations of jazz, the classical allegiance to a composer’s vision set against jazz musicians obeying their own interweaving imaginations.

Red Pens’ Howard Hamilton reflects on his band’s ‘Limitations’ – Erik Thompson, City Pages

The fuzzed-out rumbling you hear emanating from the local music scene these days is the sound of the triumphant, thunderous return of Red Pens (as if they ever left), who are back with a blistering new six-song EP, Limitations, that is simply brimming with both fury and finesse.

Junip’s Elias Araya talks about his new project with Jose Gonzalez and Tobias Winterkorn

– Cindal Lee Heart, City Pages

To understand the band Junip you must first appreciate patience.

Maria Taylor talks about reviving Azure Ray – Cindal Lee Heart, City Pages

Dreamy pop duo Azure Ray offer much more than that girly-whimsical stuff this type of music so often delivers.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset re-crucified by record industry – Nick Pinto, City Pages

The record industry is still hell-bent on incinerating every iota of good will the public might once have had for it.

Horse Feathers and Anaïs Mitchell at the Cedar – Cindal Lee Heart, City Pages

On a seemingly quiet Wednesday evening in Minneapolis, there was a lot of noise going on down at the Cedar. A subdued and simple kind of noise, but enrapturing nonetheless.


‘For Colored Girls’ is passionate, earnest — and flawed, but worth seeing

– Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

It makes sense that Tyler Perry only uses one-quarter of the title of “For Colored Girls” — because his movie only captures about one-quarter of the play.

A winning ‘Game’ – Colin Covert, Star Tribune

This taut thriller is about deceit, politics, love and sabotage – not car chases or explosions. Naomi Watts and Sean Penn? Terrific.


Coffee House Press honored for 40 years – Kim Ode

Letterpress productions and best-selling books will be on display until January

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