Saturday News and Reviews

Celebrate the birthday of Jimi Hendrix with the latest from the local press.


The Opposite of Cold – Linda White, Minneapolis Examiner

You might be tempted to look at this pretty book as “just” a coffee table book. But that would be a disservice, both to the book and to the reader. This is serious sauna talk, folks.

New book exposes complete strangers’ ‘Secret Regrets’ -Matthew R. Perrine, Budgeteer News

You don’t know Kevin Hansen, but he wants to know your deepest, darkest secrets. Chances are, you’ll tell him.

Wills and Kate are already on the bookshelf – AP via Pioneer Press

First came the royal engagement. Now — 10 days later — the first book


Laurence Cummings and SPCO do baroque beautifully – Rob Hubbard Pioneer Press

When Laurence Cummings conducts, he looks something like a gymnast performing a floor exercise. He swoops and dives, leaps and bounces. And, what’s more, he does it all while playing a mean harpsichord.

Lorie Line makes spirits bright – John Ziegler, Duluth News Tribune

Any Lorie Line holiday extravaganza, like Friday night’s annual “night after Thanksgiving” concert at the DECC Auditorium, is only partly about the music.

Q: Who IS that? A: Courtney McLean, queen of naughtybilly – Jay Gabler TC Daily Planet

Performer, blogger, and lead singer and co-songwriter of the Dirty Curls spills some beans.

Fully satisfying: First Ave’s Replacements tribute – Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

After running several blurbs trying to tell people what last year’s Replacements tribute at First Avenue was like in anticipation for tonight’s all-star affair, it seemed to make more sense to show people.

John Mellencamp at the Orpheum Theatre – Erik Hess TC Daily Planet

If you missed the gig, here he is in all his glory


Sheryl Jensen helms ‘La Mancha’ at Teatro Zuccone – Matthew R. Perrine – Budgeteer News

If you’re unfamiliar with this Broadway classic, it tells the story of Don Quixote as a play within a play, performed by Miguel de Cervantes and his fellow prisoners as he awaits a hearing during the Spanish Inquisition.

Visual Arts

Duluth institute focuses on photography – Christa Lawler , Duluth News Tribune

The new Duluth Photography Institute opens Dec. 4 in downtown Duluth and includes a gallery with space dedicated to local photographers, including a featured artist each month.

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