Minnesota nonprofits urge you to “Give to the max” tomorrow

Starting at midnight tonight, Minnesota non-profits are urging you to be very, very generous.

One year after its premiere launch, “Give to the Max” day is back, hosted by the website GiveMN.org.

Here are the facts you need to know:

Last year GiveMN inspired 38,000 Minnesotans to give more than $14 million to 3,434 Minnesota nonprofits in just 24 hours.

This year GiveMN is asking Minnesotans to set a new record, but is only focusing on the number of people giving. This year’s goal is to increase the number of contributors to 40,000.

Last year GiveMN said it would “match” contributions made in the 24-hour period; many people thought that meant a dollar-for-dollar match. It ended up being only cents on the dollar.

This year GiveMN has instead encouraged non-profits to seek out their own matching grants. Currently the site states $3,477,798 has been raised by various non-profits for the purpose of matching donations.

In addition, throughout the event, GiveMN will randomly choose an individual donor every hour, and give an additional $1,000 to the charity that received the donor’s original donation.

Last year, your entire donation went to your non-profit of choice.

This year, donations will be charged a 2.9% processing fee.

Last year, the fundraising event was from 8am Nov 17 to 8am Nov 18.

This year the event begins at 12:01AM November 16 and runs until midnight.

While some non-profits have embraced GiveMN wholeheartedly as their main channel for fundraising, others may have other end-of-year plans. Best practice is to check with your favorite non-profits to make sure this is how they want you to donate, otherwise you may miss out on a matching grant they have set up for another time.

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