Give to the Max day: preliminary numbers

As I write this, the GiveMN ticker has reset itself to 24 hours and started counting down once again. Give to the Max Day is officially over, and while the numbers are likely to setttle out a little in the coming hours, here’s what the current totals are on the website:

Money raised for MN non-profits: $7,998,434

Number of donors who contributed: 42,624

In addition to the near $8 million raised in contributions over the past 24 hours, an additional $1.8 million was tapped in matching grants.

That brings the total dollar amount raised to more than $9.8 million.

The top earners were Second Harvest Heartland, St. Olaf College, Concordia College and the Animal Humane Society

Approximately $2.2 million in matching grants was not taken advantage of; for example the program Sample Night Live had a matching grant of $10,000 set up, but only $460 of it was put to use.

Given the state of the economy, to have raised just under $10 million for Minnesota non-profits in one day is quite an accomplishment. While it falls about $4.5 million short of last year’s performance, it is still an outstanding show of generosity and philanthropy.

A quick reminder of how the numbers played out last year:

Dollar amount raised in contributions: $14 million

Number of donors: 38,000

Amount of matching grant (provided by GiveMN):$500,000

  • Congrats to Lily Fans and Bear Heads for pulling out number one in a close one in the Greater Minnesota Region. Yeah, NABC and bear fans!

  • Bobby Hampton

    Congratulations to Dr. Rogers and the North American Bear Centre ( and all their supportors!!! The money raised will go toward the educational outreach to replace fiction with fact about black bears 🙂

  • Congratulations to the NABC, Dr Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfeld on their many years of research and lifes work of the North American Black Bears in MN.

    Your dedication and life long work with and for protection of these magnificent bears has brought people across the globe to honor you and to respect your work…

    The “Bearheads” across the world have taken a “stand” and you now know, they are behind your work, your efforts and appreciate you, and love those North American Black Bears while supporting the state of MN from afar.

    Congratulations to all there.

  • Dr Sherry E Showalter

    Congratulations to Dr Rogers, Sue Mansfeld, the NABC and the North American Black Bears of MN.

    Your research, dedication and life work has been brought to the world, and the world has answered the call through the thousands that honor you, the North American Black Bears and have spoken with

    “Giving to the MAX” while calling themselves the

    “BearHeads” and showing others what dedication, fun, light-hearted spirit can do…

    Dr Rogers, thank you for providing education, de-bunking the myths around these majestic wild Bears as we know that we can co-exist whle saving these bears in the woods for future generations to behold and learn from.

    Celebrate the “unique donors” who appreciate and honor your work, while giving to preserve something that benefits all.

    Congratulations “bearheads” you have worked hard as the bears den, to make a difference!

  • Peggy Stubbs

    Congratulations to Dr. Rogers, Sue Mansfield , the staff at NABC and all of the loyal Lily fans for surging ahead for the win at the very end. It is a win for all of the wonderful bears that have been so misunderstood for many years. With all of the increased facts and information that will result from this win through NABC’s educational outreach program, many more people will learn the truth about them and co-exist peacefully. This will help emphasize the need for protection of the research bears.

  • Jen Weinblatt

    I invite anyone new to visit the North American Bear Center site- spend a little time there and you will find what worthwhile research is done there, and the amazing dedication of Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield with their life work. I came upon the site by accident and now feel a part of it.

  • Judi J

    thanks to Give MN and to Razoo for increasing the # of charities rewarded. And congrats to all of the charities for receiving some much needed funds!

  • Michele Chartier

    Congratulations NABC!! The dedication,caring and generosity of Lily’s fans is amazing..We do it all for the love of Black Bears and to support the continued research and education..Lily has taught us well,she gave us ALL HOPE~

  • Bob Moffitt

    The American Lung Association in Minnesota doubled its donations from last year.

    Still can’t catch the bears, though.

    Thanks to all who gave.