Give to the Max Day: checking in

As we approach the halfway point in “Give to the Max” day, I thought I’d take a look at the numbers:

As I write this, more than 15,000 people have made contributions totalling $2.8 million, and those numbers are climbing steadily. That doesn’t include the matching grants various organizations raised for this event.

There is approximately $4 million in matching grants available.

Still this does not match the pace of last year’s event, which raised $5.5 million in the first six hours.

So far the top donation-getters in the Twin Cities are Second Harvest Heartland and the Animal Humane Society – they were also two of the strongest participants in last year’s Give to the Max day. Other top metro area earners include Planned Parenthood, Interfaith Outreach and

In Greater MN, the top recipient in terms of number of donations is the North American Bear Center, with 459 donations. However the center is followed by several educational institutions with fewer donations, but in larger amounts. Concordia, St. Olaf, St. Benedict and Divine Mercy Catholic School are all showing strongly.

  • Dayna Del Val

    Where are the arts organizations in all of this? They seem to be sadly missing from the top receivers. Come on people–show your love to your favorite arts organizations!!!!

  • Jill Lindsey

    The North American Bear Center (NABC) has given a lot to the world in this past year!! We have learned about our NA Black bears in a way that has never been achieved before. They are educating all of us on true Black Bear behaviors and are providing a wonderful insight into the misconceptions that have surrounded these magnificent animals in the past.. We are learning how to co-exist with them in their natural habitats. We, in turn, are gathering support for them all across America and the world so that they can be acknowledged for all that they do for the bears and for us, as supporters and advocates. GO NABC!! Go BEARS!!