Final numbers for Give to the Max day

GiveMN has released the final numbers for Tuesday’s fundraising event “Give to the Max” day.

According to a release, 42,596 donors participated in the event, and Minnesota non-profits received a total of $10,041,021 in donations, matching grants and prize money.

Here’s how the figure breaks down:

$8,026,820 donated by donors

$1,911,201 matching grants (from various sources)

$84,000 prizes from GiveMN

$19,000 prizes from Razoo (the company that hosts GiveMN’s website)

Worth mentioning. it turns out the dollar amount of matching grants (listed as over $4 million) available for Give to the Max Day was a little misleading.

For instance, I wrote in an earlier post that Sample Night Live had a $10,000 matching grant, but had only received $460 in pledges that took advantage of that grant.

I’ve since heard from Sample Night Live’s Barbe Marshall, who explained that her matching grant is in fact independent of Give to the Max Day.

SNL got the money from the Saint Paul Foundation to help inspire giving over a period of several weeks. She says to date SNL has received $8,000 in pledges not given through GiveMN, and so those pledges didn’t show up on the website tally.

In addition, the remaining $1500 of SNL’s matching grant (provided by the Saint Paul Foundation) is available through December 31.

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