Arts around the state

You know, I thought long and hard about naming this blog “State of the Arts.”

Minnesota is rich with theater, writing, craft and all sorts of artistic pursuits – of that I had no doubt.

But how to do justice to an entire state, while sitting in Saint Paul?

Answer: You can’t, really.

So, today I embark on what I hope will be the first in a series of trips around the state, checking out the cultural offerings north and south, east and west (well not very far east – that’s Wisconsin). The goal is to share with you some of the amazing creativity that abounds outside the Twin Cities metro area, and also to make some new friends.

I’ll be on the road much of today, making my first stop at “A Center for the Arts” in Fergus Falls, and then heading on up to Fargo/Moorhead where over the next few days I’ll visit the Plains Art Museum, attend the FM Symphony and visit with some of the local talent.

Check back often throughout the week – and if you have any recommendations of who to see and what to do – let me know!

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