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We know, it’s not easy to catch all the arts radio stories that air in a given week, and it takes time to hunt and find them on the web. And not everyone is into RSS feeds. So here’s a little cheat sheet for you of arts related stories and interview from the last week. When you have some down time this weekend, give these stories a listen.

Meg Hutchinson, a musician singing to writers

Singer-songwriter Meg Hutchinson says it’s entirely appropriate that she’s appearing at the Sinclair Lewis Writer’s Conference this weekend, as she’s always considered herself more of a writer than a musician.

Artist gathers raw materials, raw emotions with Catholic DVD

The Catholic Church is getting some pushback for a message against same-sex marriage it mailed to 400,000 Minnesota Catholics last week. The DVD reiterates the church’s position that marriage should be between one man and one woman. Over the weekend, hundreds of Catholics donated their DVDs to an artist who plans to make an art project out of them.

At Sound Unseen, a quest for the Kinks

A mid-life crisis leads some people to buy expensive cars, take exotic trips, or even engage in illicit relationships. Journalist Geoff Edgers mid-life brought on a desire to try to get his favorite British band of the sixties to reform.

Fifty years later, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ still resonates

The Pulitzer Prize winning classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” turns 50 this year. Kerri Miller interviews a documentarian who gained rare interviews with Harper Lee’s sister and friends to help reveal the story behind the book.

Books, by the millions, for Africa

While many of us take books for granted, in some parts of the world they are still a rarity. A St. Paul-based organization is trying to change this by sending millions of books, most of them school textbooks, to Africa.

Mark Mallman embarks on 78-hour music marathon

Imagine staying awake for 78 hours straight. Now, picture yourself playing music continuously over the course of those three-plus days, and actually, playing just one song, and stopping only for bathroom breaks.

Artist losing home to foreclosure, turns it into gallery

People react to the foreclosure crisis in different ways. One woman in Minneapolis is choosing to mark the loss of her home by temporarily converting it into a gallery which opens this weekend.

MPR’s Arthur Hoehn headed to Hall of Fame

MPR’s first classical music announcer, Arthur Hoehn, is inducted into the Museum of Broadcasting Hall of Fame on Saturday, October 9, 2010. Best known for hosting “Music Through the Night,” Arthur joins Midday to discuss his 40-year career in radio.

Documentary explores another side of Glenn Gould

It’s been more than a quarter century since Canadian pianist Glenn Gould died, yet fascination with him continues. A new documentary opeing in Minneapolis this weekend adds more fuel to the fire with new revelations about Gould’s life away from the concert hall.

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