Weekend outlook: soundly entertaining


David Byrne in “Ride Rise Roar,” part of this year’s Sound Unseen film festival.

There’s a lot to look at this weekend…

Love music? Love movies? Then Sound Unseen is the film festival for you. Euan Kerr has this profile of one of the movies on offer.

In addition to the music/film festival taking place in Minneapolis, the St. Paul Art Crawl is invading the east side of the Mississippi, with more than 300 artists showing their work in venues all over the city.

Commedia Beauregard continues its “Masterworks” series at Bryant Lake Bowl this weekend with “The Louvre it or Leave it Show.” CB asks playwrights to contemplate a particular work of art and then write a short play inspired by it. This time around the work is all drawn from a little Minneapolis museum.

Intermedia Arts and Pangea World Theatre present “Refugee Nation,” a play about Laotian-Americans living in the thirty year wake of a U.S. led secret war in Laos. The show was created in part from interviews done in the Twin Cities. Check back later today for an in-depth post on the show.

Heading to Duluth this weekend for some fall color? Than might I suggest a stop at The Venue in the West End to check out “Evil Dead, The Musical.” It’s a campy horror/comedy featuring such delightful numbers as “Look who’s evil now” and “Do the Necronomicon.” Brought to you by Rubber Chicken Theater.

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Or, say 200 of them? This weekend the Hyatt Regency hosts the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention, featuring suspension acts, burlesque, tattoo contests, an art gallery, 200 of the world’s best tattoo artists and an appearance by the human canvas The Enigma.

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