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Nicole Krauss at Talking Volumes- Claude Peck, Star Tribune

Softspoken but eloquent novelist Nicole Krauss talked about books, including her own new novel “Great House,” at a Talking Volumes event at the Fitzgerald Theater Thursday night.

New composers score with fresh work – Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

If you think the job market is tough in your field, imagine what it would be like if you were competing for work with a few centuries worth of dead people.

Olivier Assayas’s “Carlos” fills five gripping hours -Erik McClanahan, TC Daily Planet

Clocking in at a butt-numbing 319 minutes, with two intermissions, Carlos is yet another entry in a recent trend: the epic film biopic following notorious historical figures, from Che Guevara (in Steven Soderbergh’s excellent two-parter) to this year’s not-so-good Mesrine, about the French gangster Jacques Mesrine.

SPCO, Copes show strength in powerful finale – Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

Keeping some fuel in reserve is always a good idea. Just as athletes should have an eye toward saving enough for the final push, so must anyone undertaking a task make sure they have enough energy to finish it. The musicians of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra made sure they had enough in the tank for a dauntingly intense eveningending work at Minneapolis’ Temple Israel on Thursday night.

The mummy has no name — and, possibly soon, few secrets – Maja Beckstrom, Pioneer Press

Just in time for Halloween, the mummy owned by the Science Museum of Minnesota headed to Children’s Hospital for a CT scan. Museum staff hope to discover something about their nameless mummy and acquire new images to highlight alongside the Feb. 18 opening of the exhibition “Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs.”

A night of memories unpacked – Caroline Palmer, Star Tribune

Dancer and storyteller Patrick Scully charts public and private events of the past 25 years.

Dutcher: ‘Do svidaniya’ to Russian museum – Mary Abbe, Star Tribune

The former state auditor accepted a job at the Bentson Foundation in Edina.

Maroon 5 headed over the musical hill – Ross Raihala, Pioneer Press

Decades from now, long after Maroon 5’s Adam Levine has retired from the business and whiles away his days watching his tattoos sag, he’ll still be getting royalty checks for his band’s 2004 breakthrough “This Love.”


Maroon 5 at Target Center: Good show, wrong venue – by Jon Bream, Star Tribune

Why was Maroon 5 playing an arena in the Twin Cities on Thursday night? That makes about as much sense as the Maroon-and-Gold Gophers trying to play Big 10 football.

Willie Nelson lets his guitar do the magic at Mystic – Jon Bream, Star Tribune

Willie Nelson’s first headline concert in the Twin Cities in more than eight years did not disappoint as the Texas outlaw’s songs and guitar work were satisfying.

Fear actors: Gooped with gore and hiding in the dark — what inspires actors at Halloween haunts? – Kaitlyn Egan, Pioneer Press

Brain-munching zombies, blood-sucking vampires and ghoulish apparitions. Haunted houses and fright events have become as much a part of Halloween as costumes and candy. Skilled actors are essential in creating these hair-raising haunts. But who are these people and what drives their Halloween mojo?

Chemistry fuels road-trip comedy – Colin Covert, Star Tribune

Two brothers, one marriage-bound, hit the road and find funny patches along the way.


Movie review: Interesting dialogue, detailed character study belie turn-off title for ‘Douchebag’ – Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

The key question in “Douchebag” is: Who is the douchebag?

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