Fall art harvest


A crate full of freshly picked art, from Springboard’s “Community Supported Art” program

You may remember that back in April, Springboard for the Arts offered a bunch of “CSA shares” – CSA as in Community Supported Art.

I wouldn’t blame you for not remembering – after all, they were sold out in just over a day.

This fall, the CSA program is back, offering twice as many shares and involving twice as many artists. Like the initial run, shares are $300 each and include 9 works of original art.

The shares have been on sale since September 27, and as of this afternoon, about 20 remained available. Interested? You can find out more info here.

Springboard for the Arts’ Betsy Altheimer says this year’s “crop” includes more artist collaborations and more performing arts in the mix. And she says news of the program is spreading; she says Springboard and its project partner mnartists.org are fielding inquiries from all over the country about to replicate/customize the program. Altheimer says in response they are developing a program model that should be up on their websites later this year.

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