Artist transforms Catholic DVD


Artist Lucinda Naylor (holding sign) and volunteers gathered 546 Catholic DVDs outside the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis and four other churches Sunday, Oct. 4, 2010. The effort was part of an art project objecting to Archbishop Neinstedt’s message against same-sex marriage. (MPR Photo/Sasha Aslanian)

Earlier this month the Catholic Church of Minnesota sent out 400,000 dvds to its parishioners calling for the “preservation of marriage” (i.e. keep it between one man and one woman).

MPR’s Sasha Aslanian reported that one woman (the former artist in residence at the Basilica of St. Mary) was inspired to collect as many dvds as she could to transform them into a work of art.

Lucinda Naylor says she’s now ready to put that work on display. Tomorrow night she’ll present her artistic response to the church at 2756 Hennepin Ave South in Minneapolis (it’s a store front that’s currently empty). Naylor says the DVDs are taking the form of a wave. In her interview with Aslanian, Naylor said she was contemplating transforming them into a water motif to symbolize the Holy Spirit moving through the church in a new way.


Lucinda Naylor’s DVD project, underway.

Naylor is no longer collecting DVDs for her project, but “Return the DVD” is.

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