Eclipse Records closing… for now


Eclipse Records on University Avenue.

MPR Photo/Chris Roberts

As I write this the folks at Eclipse Records in St. Paul are boxing up their music and getting ready to haul it off to storage.

Co-owner Joe Furth says the sudden closing of the store is due to a legal battle with the landlord, stemming from some water leakage to the University Ave storefront.

Furth says Eclipse Records is planning to relocate, but needs some time to come up with a “Plan B.” He says that includes reconsidering whether the record store wants to continue hosting live band performances.

This is not the first time Eclipse has moved dut to a conflict with a landlord, nor is it the first time the store has closed and taken a break. In 2004 Eclipse left its Grand Avenue location when it wasn’t able to renegotiate the rent, and went dark for four years before re-opening on University Avenue in 2008.

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