Where the candidates stand on the arts

Today the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts posted a video interviewing the three DFL candidates for governor (Matt Entenza, Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Mark Dayton) about the arts.

Some of the tidbits you might be interested to learn: while Mark Dayton loves Pachelbel’s Canon and the Beatles, Margaret Anderson Kelliher has Johnny Cash and Sharon Jones on her ipod, and Matt Entenza kicks back to the sounds of Brother Ali and Atmosphere.

Musical tastes aside, each of the candidates list what they’ve done in the past to champion the arts, and talk about how they think the Arts and Culture Heritage fund should be distributed.

Independent candidate Tom Horner was also interviewed by the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, but rather than include him in the video, the MCA only offers a transcript. And neither Tom Emmer nor Rob Hahn make any appearance at all. According to the MCA’s facebook page, neither candidate made themselves available to answer the questions.

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