Have you cast your vote yet?


Francesco Clemente’s self-portrait is one of the many artworks that may garner enough popular votes to make it into the Walker Art Center’s winter exhibition “50/50: Audience and Experts Curate the Paper Collection.”

On August 1st, the Walker Art Center started accepting ballots in its own democratic election; it’s letting the public cast votes on what works of art should be included in its upcoming exhibition “50/50.” It’s so named because the public gets to choose half the works, and the staff curators will pick the other half.

The voting remains open through September 15 (the exhibition opens in December) and already the museum has received more than 112,000 votes via its website, smartphone, or the on-site kiosk (in the “Benches and Binoculars” gallery). According to the Walker’s public relations office, art works are averaging 600 votes each. But are they “for,” or “against?”

So, what would you put in the exhibition? And what would you want to make sure stayed out of the show?

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