Images of India at MPC


Photo of a Rajasthani folk singer by Robi Chakraborty

One of the simplest and most powerful attributes of photography is its ability to take us to another place. In a new exhibition of work by Robi Chakraborty at the Mpls Photo Center, that place is India.


Photo by Robi Chakraborty

Chakraborty, a native of India, traveled back in 1998 after an absence of 13 years. He timed his visit to coincide with two major festivals: Holi, the festival of colors, and Kumbh Mela, a pilgrimage to the Ganges river for a ritual bathing. Over 10 million people from across the country gathered for Kumbh Mela in 1998, providing Chakraborty an opportunity to document the country’s cultural diversity.


Photo by Robi Chakraborty

While India is a place of constant change and bustling business, Chakraborty exhibition “The Stars of India: Its People and Places” focuses on aspects of Indian culture that have endured centuries: timeless villages and ancient rituals. It’s both a celebration of the country’s rich heritage and a nostalgic look back at the India Chakraborty remembers from his childhood.


Photo by Robi Chakraborty

“Stars of India: Its People and Places” opens at the Mpls Photo Center this Friday night, with a reception featuring Indian food and music, and a henna artist.

  • Diane Rubright

    What a fabulous opening! This is a wonderful collection of portraits and documentation of important Indian festivals. The Mpls Photo Center has really put photography on the map in the Twin Cities. Thanks also to the henna artist, Judy Ostrowski, who was also great!

    Diane, St. Paul

  • Judy Ostrowski

    Wow what a wonderful show! It captures the intrigue of India. Don’t miss it. Robi’s show will be there till the August 29th.

  • Jodi Einberger-Collins

    This collection is not to be missed! The colors are so vivid and you can see the emotion in the faces of the subject as if you were there. You feel like you could be there witnessing the festival and just hit pause! Definitely a worth while trip there!

  • Lohit Ganguly (MON)

    I live in India and really love and stay absorbed in the deeper aspects of life here which are usually not apparent to casual observers – both permanent residents and visitors. It is too strange and mystical to bear description in words – certainly I wouldnt have the words to dexcribe this fascinating land. BUT I am getting a feelin these photos by ROBI CHAKRABORTY are just about where one may begin. They ceratinly speak worth a thousand words and more. Welcome to India.