Counting down to the Fringe Festival

The annual theater circus of the Minnesota Fringe Festival is just one month away, and the folks in charge have launched a new and improved website to help you plan your Fringe experience.

When it comes to the Minnesota Fringe, planning your week is often times half the fun, because face it, trying to cram in the best of 169 shows into eleven days is a logistical and creative challenge. This is without a doubt the Twin Cities’ biggest theatrical event of the year, and it’s not just limited to theater; there are dance performances, musicals, spoken word and puppetry. It is a great way to see an amazing stretch of artistic talent without breaking the bank (ticket prices are $12 per show, with several options for deals on multi-passes).

To help you navigate the theatrical buffet table, MFF is presenting a new feature, “Fringe Tracks.” Think of them as celebrity playlists, only instead of songs, local personalities have listed their own top choices for theater-going during the festival. Fringe Executive Director Robin Gillette says the tracks are meant to help first-time Fringers navigate the often overwhelming choices. There’s also a guide for newcomers.

In the coming weeks I’ll also take a closer look at some of the shows on offer, and post what I find out.

  • Evelyn

    The fringe is one of the best Cultural events of the state. It showcases how much talent we have here locally and with the top production companies around the country and world trying to get a slot in as well, shows that its not just a local secret!

    There is something for everyone! from classical productions to the way out there and edgy. There are things for the whole family, and it sounds like from the looks of the website there might be more this year than ever!

    I won’t be able to get all 169 shows in, or even get every single slot available to see a show, but I will put my all into seeing as many as humanly possible!