Bedlam Theatre to leave Cedar-Riverside

The experimental theater company has been served notice by its landlords, terminating its lease at 1501 6th Street in Minneapolis. Bedlam expects to leave its current home no later than September 7th, 2010.

The theater company has been recently plagued with problems associated with the building. Earlier this year leaking pipes rotted out a floor underneath one of the Bedlam stages. For the last several months, volunteers and Bedlam staff have been working alongside contractors to repair the building. Now it appears they’ll have to leave all that work behind.

According to a press release, Bedlam is beginning work to find a permanent home in Minneapolis. But to find an affordable space in such short order is no small task.

Bedlam received notice on June 30 from landlord, Fine Associates (dba Currie Park Developers), terminating its lease, effective August 31, 2010, to accommodate another community organization being displaced due to Riverside Plaza’s renovation project.

Since 1993 Bedlam has worked to be community hub for Cedar-Riverside, creating its Cedar Riverside Art Zone for Youth (C.R.A Z.Y.) which works with 300 neighborhood youth and young adults in skill building workshops, GLBT specific partnerships, as well as working with activist and social justice groups dedicated to peace activism, labor issues, and the environment.


    Oh my gosh, this is heartbreaking. I can’t believe any landlord who has witnessed what Bedlam has achieved in that space, and the community it’s built there, would do this. I’m speechless.

  • Meg Kosowski

    Bedlam has been a fantastic neighbor to the West Bank and a friend to Twin Citizens in general. Email the staff in RT Rybak’s office or call to let them know that we cannot lose Bedlam. Whether it’s the food and drink, the wonderful plays, the Bare Bones Halloween event or a combination of all the talent, Bedlam’s imagination and vision are an irreplaceable loss to the Arts scene. We NEED Bedlam Theatre, and they need us! They are on Facebook and have many suggestions for whom to call as an advocate. The Mayor’s office is (612) 673-2100 or email his chief of staff with a “Minneapolis needs Bedlam”

    message…. it certainly couldn’t hurt!

  • Kendra Plant

    I believe that losing this space will create an opportunity for Bedlam to look into the future. Although, I am SO sad because I loved their location…it was right on the train route! So easy.

  • Daniel Pinkerton

    I have confidence that Bedlam will find a new space, and perhaps a space that’s even better (better layout, more sound isolation for theatre, in better shape physically, etc.). Still, like Kendra & Amy, I mourn the loss of Bedlam’s current location. The West Bank was such a perfect match for their spirit and the location was at the perfect transit hub. Sigh …

    Landlords are such jerks.