Art Hounds: Passion, the ordinary and indie rock

adam collier.jpgAdam Caillier, Antler Speaker, 2009, pigmented inkjet print

A five-week long soap opera for the stage, artists occupied by the ordinary, and an indie rock band that knows how to tell stories have all piqued the hounds’ interest this week.

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pam.JPGSt. Paul artist and MCAD and CVA instructor Pamela Valfer feels like she’s found the extraordinary in an exhibition about the ordinary. “Ordinarily Here,” at the Weisman Art Museum through October 10, features ten Minnesota artists looking for meaning among the ordinary objects that surround us.

scottp.JPG“As the World Turns” may have ended its 76-year run, but Twin Cities theater and dance photographer Scott Pakudaitus recommends soap opera fans fill that gaping hole with Flower Shop Project’s “River of Passion.” It’s a five-part serial theater production starring 15 core actors, that will keep you riveted every Friday in July at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.

andreat.JPGWhat Twin Cities actress and arts administrator Andrea Tonsfeldt appreciates most about Minneapolis indie rockers Pictures of Then, is the band’s ability to rock — and hold her interest lyrically at the same time. Pictures of Then plays Saturday at Sauce Spirits and Soundbar in Minneapolis.

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