Who needs a dance festival?

madkingthomas.jpgMad King Thomas is part of Kristin Van Loon’s six-show challenge.

Definitely not Bryant Lake Bowl Artistic Director and Hijack co-founder Kristin Van Loon. Van Loon strongly believes in celebrating shows that are already happening. Which is why she’s promising anyone who sees six dance events happening at the BLB, the Southern, Bedlam Theatre or Open Eye Figure Theatre in the coming weeks, a chance to win free tickets for the rest of the year to these venues. For all you dance-deprived arts patrons, here are your opportunities:

1) Penelope Freeh & Megan Mayer’s “We’ll Survive if We Don’t Protect Ourselves,” June 18 & 19 at the Southern Theater.

2) Mad King Thomas & Judith Howard’s “The League of Red Herrings” June 18 & 19 at Bedlam Theatre.

3) HIJACK/Scott Heron (New Orleans) “smithsonian (this is it)” June 24-27 at Open Eye Figure Theatre.

4) Sere&Snilli Produksjoner (Oslo, Norway) July 18 at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

5) Chris Yon & Johanna Meyer (NYC)/Judy Bauerlein (California) “THE INFINITE MULTIVERSE” & “Stroll” July 22-24, Southern Theater

6) Andrew Dinwiddie (NYC) “Get Mad at Sin! A message to the young people of today by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart as preached at The First Assembly of God in Van Buren, Arkansas,” July 26, Bryant Lake Bowl.

Van Loon says there’s no aesthetic thread tying all the shows together, but there is a lot of mutual admiration among the performers. So hold on to your ticket stubs, folks. Prizes will be awarded at the last show, July 26 at the BLB.

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