Putting the “alt” in alt country


The latest album for the Jayhawks is also their first.

You can hear the Jayhawks planting the seeds of the alt country movement on their debut album “The Jayhawks,” re-released today by Lost Highway Records. Take a listen to three tracks from the album by going here.

Jayhawks bootleggers refer to the 13-song collection as “The Bunkhouse Album,” named after “Bunkhouse Records,” the small Minneapolis indie label that issued it in 1986.

There are traces of ‘Buffalo Springfield style’ twang as well as Flying Burrito Brothers pop sensibilities, but this is a band that seems supremely aware of its original sound.

Mark Olson’s penchant for rich, evocative lyrics, Gary Louris’s signature interwoven, occasionally hiccuppy (from his tenure in the Minneapolis rockabilly band Safety Last) guitar licks, and those shimmering harmonies are all on full display.

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