MIA pours on the French charm


“Pot de Monsieur de la Bouexière,” made at the French Royal Porcelain manufacture in Vincennes in approximately 1755-56.

The MIA’s collection of mid-18th century French porcelain just got one piece bigger.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts purchased a new item at auction yesterday to pair with its French Grand Salon period room. The porcelain pitcher, called a ewer, is known as the “Pot de Monsieur de la Bouexière” and was made for the same man as the Grand Salon, Jean Gaillard de la Bouexière.

According to a statement from the MIA the ewer, which was made at the French Royal Porcelain manufacture in Vincennes, may have first been owned by Madame de Pompadour. “It masterfully articulates the essence of French porcelain from the period of Louis XV with its extravagant colors and superior ornamental refinement” the statement goes on to say.

The ewer will be displayed adjacent to the entrance to the Grand Salon.

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