Tweeting for the arts, part two

In response to this morning’s blog post about tweeting #arts for National Arts Advocacy Day, I have had both a great conversation, and the website has actually gone under a bit of a makeover.

It turns out “Tweet Arts Day” was conceived right here in Minnesota by some well-meaning folk at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. They were looking to give local artists and art lovers a way to support the arts without having to make the trek to D.C.

I spoke with MCAD’s Rob Davis, who said while many people support the arts in theory, they don’t know that there’s an actual day at Capitol Hill devoted to lobbying for the arts, and the goal of tweeting “#arts” is to raise awareness about the day itself.

However, he agreed, as long as you have someone cutting and pasting a “tweet,” why not get them to spend just two minutes more to send an e-mail or call a senator?

The site now has links in place to help folks who are interested to take the next step.

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