Invest in a bumper crop of art


If you buy a share of “Community Supported Art” this summer you could end up with some cool tunes by Switzerlind or photography by band member Sam Hoolihan.

Imagine going to your neighborhood CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) drop-off site to pick up your share of locally farmed fruits and veggies. But instead of peas and potatoes, your box is full of pottery, paintings, and poetry?

I imagine it would be like Easter, except you wouldn’t have to worry about the sugar-high or cavities. And while with Easter baskets you kind of know what you’re getting (peeps, chocate rabbit, Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, blah blah blah), with these “artist shares” you’d really have NO IDEA what you were getting. Except that it’s ART. Kind of exciting, don’t you think?

Well the folks at Springboard for the Arts are hoping you do. Starting today you can buy a share in “Community Supported Art.” There are fifty shares for sale, and each will run you $300. In exchange you will get at least one work of art from each of the the nine different artists who were selected to participate in this summer’s program, plus a “bumper crop of additional artwork and arts activities.” The idea is to support local artists the same way you would local farmers.

Interested in learning more? Check out Rupa Shenoy’s story.

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