Inauguration Day at MCAD


Today marks the inauguration of the new president of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Jay Coogan. And in true art school style, the entire event is getting its own special graphic design treatment.

The inauguration has its own slogan, “The Next Now.” And it has its own style guide, including type fonts, color schemes, and a particularly angled orange triangle (seen above in a 500 square foot mural by MCAD alum John Vogt).

The school has also designed and forged a presidential medallion for the event. And the campus center has been transformed with a 1500-square-foot screen of folded white paper and origami chandeliers. To top it off, select sculptural works by the MCAD President himself will be on display.

The reception for President Coogan begins at 4pm, with a party getting underway at 6pm.

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