For the record: Vintage Music

Tomorrow hundreds of independent record stores across the nation are celebrating “Record Store Day,” an event meant to bring together musicians and music lovers to support independent record retailers.

Colleague Luke Taylor and I paid our own homage to record stores on a recent trip to Vintage Music in Minneapolis. There we were treated to a tour, and a lesson on music history, by owner Scott Holthus.

  • Bonnie Sander

    Thank you so much for a journey back in time. So much fun hearing a little of the “oldies” and being reminded of the immense change in the sound from past to present.

  • Peter Armstrong

    as one of the dinosaurs of the “stereo” business, I love hearing about the the software (?!?!) that predates me.

  • Larry Daken

    Scott…Great interview and info. As always a joy & informative when I step into the time machine your store affords. For me records, especially 78’s are time capsules that take me back to better times when life was slow and deliberate and people were simpler and more genuine. Thanks for being there and providing a valuable service for historians and music enthusiasts. Good Health and Prosperous Days! Larry Daken.