Art Hounds: Suite Havana, Mary Mack, Suburb

suburb.jpgPhoto courtesy of Filckr/Jana Mills

This week the hounds are pitching a non-narrated documentary about Cuba, a storyteller who embraces her inner Wisconsinite, and a musical steeped in suburban culture.

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laura-bidgood.jpgWhat would you call a musical about life in the suburbs? How about “Suburb?” It’s being performed by The Chameleon Theatre Circle at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center April 9 – May 2. Twin Cities theater artist Laura Bidgood predicts the production will make audiences not only laugh about suburban life but better appreciate its nuances.

zdon.JPGA cold war and a trade embrago have gotten in the way of Americans learning more about Cuba. Nick Zdon, a graphic designer in Minneapolis, thinks one way to remedy that is to go see “Suite Havana.” It’s the culminating film of the Cuban Film Festival at St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis. “Suite Havana” was made in 2003 by acclaimed Cuban filmmaker Fernando Perez, and relies exclusively on footage and music to tell the story of a day in the life of Havana. You can see it tonight at 7:30pm.

preisemeyer.JPGMolly Priesmeyer is an arts writer, storyteller and performer in Minneapolis. Molly is a big proponent of the storytelling stylings of Mary Mack. She says Mack crafts uproarious stories and sing-alongs that reveal the subtle eccentricities of upper midwestern culture. Mack is performing at the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis through April 10th.