Art Hounds: Akram Khan, Rachel Breen, Radical Powers/Children of Euler

rachelbreen.jpgImage courtesy Rachel Breen

The hounds hunt down global dance from a London-born Bangladeshi choreographer, art made from charcoal dust and punctured paper and a math rock extravaganza.

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Oransky_portrait.jpgHoward Oransky is a painter and instructor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Howard was transfixed by Rachel Breen’s exhibition at the Conduit Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis entitled “Seven Meals.” Breen creates delicate, haunting paper cut works using a sewing machine. Breen also uses some of the pieces as stencils and applies charcoal powder to make what she calls “reverse image drawings.” “Seven Meals” adorns the walls of the Conduit Gallery through March 18th.

20090218_nahid_kahn_2.jpgNahid Khan serves on the board of Mizna, a Twin Cities-based Arab-American literary and arts organization. Nahid took notice when she learned choreographer Akram Khan’s internationally-renowned dance company will perform Wednesday, March 3 at Northrup Auditorium. Though not related, Nahid and Akram share the same last name and grew up in London. And Khan’s dance group has a reputation for employing performers from around the globe with varying degrees of dance experience, which Nahid finds intriguing.

20090708_cole_sarar_3.jpgCole Sarar is a Minneapolis poet who manages the spoken word blog and calendar Cole says for a new musical perspective on math, check out the Radical Powers/Children of Euler show at Bedlam Theatre in Minneapolis, Tuesday, March 2. Radical Powers is a power pop five-piece and Children of Euler plays progressive heavy metal, but both devote all their songs to the beauty and mystery of math.

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