Your weekend arts outlook


Daniel Defenbacher (center) quizzes panelists during an “inquisition,” Walker Art Center atrium, 1940

Tonight, the Walker Art Center revives a 70 year old event. In 1940 it hosted what it called “the Inquisition,” a quiz forum on art and art history. Organizers of the remount say it’s something akin to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” for art lovers, designed to award some and shame others. The Inquisition will take place on three nights over the next three months. On tonight’s panel? Yours truly, “competing against” local artist/writer Andy Sturdevant. Wish me luck!

Opening tomorrow and running through January 23, 20% Theatre Company presents “Fresh Five,” a series of five world-premiere one-act plays, each directed by a local, emerging female director.

Sunrise, sunset… Tevye is back in Paramount Theater’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. The two and a half hour musical (hey, that’s almost as long as Avatar!) boasts a full orchestra. Performances run tonight through Jan 17.

Did I mention the Mpls Photo Center is hosting a portrait show? Yes, it turns out, I did.

Guthrie Theater presents Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” – the show runs through January in Minneapolis before launching a state-wide – followed by nation-wide – tour.

And who can resist a feast for the senses? The Minneapolis Institute of Arts presents a free family Sunday that engages not just your eyes, but your nose, your ears and your tastebuds. Families will be able to create art based on smells and tastes, made and decorate fans, and even assemble their own Cubist collages.

So what are you up to this weekend?

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