What will you watch this holiday?

Many of us have Christmas viewing traditions. My sister and one of her best pals always watch “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a tradition that is now decades old. Some people have the “Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter” at the Oak Street, and there’s of course “A Christmas Story” or even the viewing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis which happened last Sunday.

Some people flock to the end of year lists, or in this case, end of decade lists to pick something they missed.

My family tries to sit down together with something we have all loved in the past, or that one of us feels everyone will really enjoy. We were going to watch “Clueless” in memory of Brittany Murphy, but decided that was too sad, and so we somehow settled on “Death at a Funeral” which perhaps says something about how we think.

But what about you? What movie traditions do you share with your family at this time of year?

And while you are thinking about that, have a listen to Tay “Cherry Chocolate Rain” Zonday sing a seasonal favorite. Happy Holidays.