Suburbs’ guitarist Bruce Allen to be taken off life support

According to the City Pages, Bruce Allen will be taken off life support tonight. Allen, 54, has suffered from numerous health problems that led to uncontrollable internal bleeding and organ failure. The guitarist was known not just for his music, but his graphic designs (including the Twin/Tone record label logo). Have a favorite memory from a Bruce Allen/Suburbs performance? Feel free to share it here.

  • Sue

    I remember the Suburbs playing the Cabooze on Halloween, could have been 1980 or 1981-

    They were billed as “Some Bears”and came out in bear costumes!

    I was a HUGE fan back then- I still am! RIP Bruce you are part of all of us

  • Vicki Seiler Hawkes

    Growing up with Bruce was like having another big brother. Thinking back on Bruce’s life, he was a man I can honestly say, I never saw him without a smile, I never saw him mad, and he was always making people happy. Whether it was his music, his sense of humor, his funny faces. There wasn’t anything not to love about Bruce. We have all lost a dear friend and a brother tonight. I guess heaven needed more music and God chose the best. Bruce you will be sadly missed on this earth, yet your life will be celebrated forever. We will never forget you and will love you forever. God Speed Bruce. I love you!! Little Seiler (Vicki)

  • SA

    In high school, on the weekends, a group of us would caravan around Minnesota to see The Suburbs play.. all the ballrooms, roller rinks, Winter Carnival, and The Snowmobile Show, it was crazy fun!!

    With Bruce’s passing a chapter of my youth/life has come to a close- Thanks for the memories and the good times. I will forever have your smile and your hair ribbons etched in my mind. Healthy at last-

    R.I.P. Bruce!

  • Laszlo Nemesi

    I first saw them perform at Gustavus Home Coming…They were introduced as “The Baby Pig Squishers.” That was ’84. I still have the ticket stub. Always good to have Credit in Heaven.

    Always in our hearts.