Art Hounds: Spiked, Allen Brewer, Dosh/Skoal Kodiak


This week’s Art Hounds lead us to a holiday variety show a la Andy Williams, an illustrator who dives into his childhood memories and a double bill at the Cedar that’s part noise rock, part instrumental brilliance.

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Horton_headshot.jpgLeigha Horton is a stage and voice actress in the Twin Cities. Leigha holds the work of Table Salt Productions in high regard, as a performer and theatergoer. She’ll be in the audience this weekend for Table Salt’s holiday variety show, “Spiked,” which is done in the style of Sonny and Cher, Carol Burnett and Andy Williams. This is the final weekend for “Spiked,” on stage at the Lowry Lab Theater in St. Paul.

20090304_andy_ducett_49.jpgAndy DuCett is a mixed media installation artist and illustrator in Minneapolis. He also teaches art at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Andy admires the intricate, precise drawings and artistic vision of Allen Brewer, who’s latest show, “Remember This For Later,” is up at Umber Studios in Minneapolis through mid-January.

johnhenry.JPGJohn Henry is half of the Minneapolis party rap duo, MC/VL. John is drawn to the artistry and musical talent of two local acts who happen to share the bill at the Cedar Cultural Center on Friday, Dec. 18 — Dosh and Skoal Kodiak. Dosh is a celebrated, loop building multi-instrumentalist who also plays with violin innovator and whistler Andrew Bird. Skoal Kodiak has both amazed and challenged with its harsh, yet imminently danceable noise rock.

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