Art Hounds: David Lefkowitz, Beauty and the Beast, Hot Pants

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Photo Courtesy David Lefkowitz

This week’s hounds recommend experiencing David Lefkowitz’s sprawling artistic vision, watching a blockbuster musical loaded with local talent and throwing down at a soul music soiree.

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Tina headshot.jpgTina Frederickson is a part time actor who teaches public speaking and performing arts at the University of Minnesota. Tina normally stays away from oversized productions that have words like ‘musical’ and ‘Disney’ attached to them. But she’s drawn to the Ordway’s production of “Beauty and the Beast” because it features so many local performers in meaty roles. Plus, her son is dying to go. “Beauty and the Beast” opens December 15 and closes January 3 at the Ordway.

Karl Unnasch is an artist from southeastern Minnesota. Karl has great admiration for the artistic practice of fellow regional artist David Lefkowitz. David’s show, “Other Positioning Systems,” in which he dissects the systems we employ to experience our world, occupies the galleries of the Rochester Art Center through January 10th.

steven_renderos.jpgSteven Renderos is a Twin Cities DJ who during the day serves as a media justice organizer for the Main Street Project in Minneapolis. Steven says get yourself down to Clubhouse Jager in Minneapolis this Saturday night for “Hot Pants.” A number of local DJ’s will be spinning rare soul and funk music that will leave you mystified as to why these tunes failed to register on the charts.

  • Stan

    From the excessively irritating introduction to the distasteful use of music played behind the “art hounds,” this has to be the worst produced (to the point of making me turn off my radio) serials on public radio. The worst part is, I actually like the content–when I can stand listening to it.

    What gives? Why is the production quality on Art Hounds so consistently at such an embarrassingly sophomoric level? Please improve!

  • rambo

    HOTPANTS is by far one of the most in depth soul party this side of the river. Get up to get down! Guknees to all haters!

  • Steve

    Is there a transcript of this segment available? I could not make out the names of the artists that Steven mentions during the info on HOTPANTS.

    also, I think Stan was a little harsh, Art Hounds is a great segment and I don’t see an issue with the music.