Your Weekend Arts Forecast


The choices for your weekend will have you all tied up in knots…

Minnesota Dance Theater presents Carmina Burana, it’s physical interpretation of Carl Orff’s music, which itself was inspired by the poems of vagrant monks. The dance was originally performed with Theatre de la Jeune Lune, and features the vocal performances of Bradley Greenwald, Justin Madel, and Jennifer Baldwin-Peden. Shows run tonight through Sunday at the Lab Theater in Minneapolis.

The Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis hosts its annual “Art Attack,” in which all its resident artists (they number 130+) open their studio doors to the curious. Those studios feature everything from fiber art and ceramics to architecture and poster art. The fun begins Friday from 5-10pm, and continues Saturday from noon-8pm, and again Sunday from noon-5pm.

Bryant Lake Bowl has a couple of fun shows on its cozy little stage this weekend. First, there’s “Quickies,” a series of comedic shorts put on by four different companies. Think of it as speed-dating for your perfect theater… Performances run for the three Fridays at 7pm.

Hardcover Theater returns to the BLB with its latest literary incarnation, this time ripped from the pages of H. Rider Haggard’s 1887 novel, She. In it, pith helmet sporting Brits make their way through the wilds of Africa, and stumble across a society that worships a powerful and irresistable woman. Hardcover has described it as being “like an Indiana Jones movie onstage, but with interesting characters and provocative themes.” (Hmmm… can that work?)

So don’t hold back on us – what are you doing this weekend?

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