Art Hounds: Rod Massey, Arena Dances, The Blind Shake


Corner House, 2008 by Rod Massey

The ‘hounds’ track down a painter who’s always a brush stroke away from the streets of South Minneapolis, a choreographer who’s making a rare return to the stage as a dancer and a St. Paul punk band that values precision as much as volume.

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StuartKlipper.jpgStuart Klipper is a Minneapolis photographer and two time Guggenheim Fellow who’s deeply moved by the paintings of fellow Minneapolitan Rod Massey. Stuart says Massey’s pulsing, animated oil on panel depictions of the homes, buildings, and streetscapes of South Minneapolis show us how we live. Massey has an exhibition of new work on display at the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis through Nov. 28.

KimMotes.jpgKim Motes is Managing Director of Theatre Latte Da. Kim also used to head up the Minnesota Shubert Center for Dance. Kim says this weekend audiences will have a rare opportunity to see choreographer Mathew Janczewski return to the stage as as perfomer. Janczewski’s company, “Arena Dances,” is holding its November concert, “Short Fall,” at the Lab Theater in Minneapolis nov. 12th through the 15th.

SeanMcPherson.jpgSean McPherson plays bass for the St. Paul hip hop group Heiruspecs. Sean also works for the Hip Hop Diploma program at McNally Smith College of Music. Sean was recently mezmorized by the unrelenting punk rock of The Blind Shake. Your next chance to see The Blind Shake unleash its raw yet ridiculously precise musical torrent is Wednesday, Nov. 18th at the Turf Club in St. Paul.

MIZNA, a forum for Arab American art, runs a literary journal, hosts a film festival, and brings touring musicians to the Twin Cities. Art hound Katie Ka Vang says she plans to go this Sunday to MIZNA’s Ten Year Anniversary Celebration at The Depot in Minneapolis.

If you’re in the Winona area this weekend, art hound Deanne Mohr recommends checking out theMinnesota Marine Art Museum. There are two exhibitions in particular that Mohr recommends; “Chased by the Light,” a selection of Jim Brandenburg’s photographs (which is up through Sunday) and Grand Marais artist Betsy Bowen’s woodcuts, on display through January 16.