Art Hounds: La Crosse Chamber Chorale, Ruined, Bruce Tapola


An installation by artist Bruce Tapola

This week the ‘hounds’ lead us to La Crosse for some homegrown choral music, a play that exposes the horror and humanity in the Congolese civil war, and a serious artist with an absurdist take on life.

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PaulDickinson.jpgPaul Dickinson teaches writing at St. Cloud State University and National American University. He’s also a former art gallery owner and hosts the Riot Act Reading Series at St. Paul’s Turf Club. Dickinson is drawn to the absurdist paintings, sculpture and mixed media work of St. Paul artist Bruce Tapola. Tapola’s has a show at Art of This Gallery in Minneapolis which opens Saturday, November 7th.

HarryWaters.jpgHarry Waters Jr. is a professor of theater and dance at Macalester College and is also a Twin Cities actor, director and dramaturg. Harry was absolutely riveted by Mixed Blood Theatre’s production of “Ruined.” It’s set largely in a brothel during the Congolese civil war, and takes an unflinching look at the horrific violence and brutality of that conflict, especially against women. Harry says somehow the play also managed to be entertaining and uplifting at the same time. “Ruined” is on stage through Nov. 22 at Mixed Blood.


Eric Heukeshoven is a music instructor at St. Mary’s University in Winona, a musician, and an ardent fan of the La Crosse Chamber Chorale in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The nearly all volunteer Chorale is performing Saturday, Nov. 7th at 7:30pm at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in La Crosse and Sunday, Nov. 8th at 3pm at English Lutheran Church, also in La Crosse. Eric says the chorale stands out, even in a region bursting at the seams with choral music.

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  • Minor error–wrong state:

    The concert by the La Crosse Chamber Chorale on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 7:30 pm is at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in La Crescent, MN. (not in La Crosse.)

    Sunday’s concert is at 3 pm at English Lutheran Church in La Crosse, WI.

    Music includes:

    “Magic Songs” by R. Murray Schafer

    “Alleluia” by Randall Thompson

    “Trois Chansons Bretonnes” by Henk Badings

    “Knock, Knock” by P. D. Q. Bach

    and arrangements of “That Old Black Magic,” “The Way You Look Tonight”, and “76 Trombones.”

  • Geoff

    Paul Dickinson also fronts Frances Gumm, the evolvingest, multi-decade-ongoing, heard around the entire world punk band of all-time. That’s serious and he should be listened to for that reason alone!