A new art form each month

So here’s the deal. I figure if I’m going to blog about the arts, I can’t just sit back and watch. Because for every artist who performs before an audience, there are thousands of others who are practicing some artistic pursuit in the quiet of their own home, or with a group of like-minded individuals.

So my goal for the next year is to try a new type of art each month, and write about it. There are plenty of centers around the Twin Cities – and Minnesota – that offer extensive classes in various crafts, from pottery to photography to stained-glass. So why not check them out for the benefit of everyone?

This summer I started with something already familiar to me, paper marbling. Then I jumped into my first attempt at something completely new – making a mosaic. In addition to posting on what I learned, I also followed the work of one mosaic artist from start to finish, and sped it up into what I call “Fast Art.”

Just yesterday, I posted on my most recent venture into weaving. Since I took a very entry-level class (not really enough to merit a “How To” presentation) I plan to return for a little more in-depth instruction later this month. Also, later this week, I’ll profile the work of local weaver Kelly Marshall, and pay a visit to her studio.

The months to come present me with all sorts of options. What to try? And what sort of information would you like me to bring back from the experience? Think of me as your emissary, testing those classes you’ve always had a lurking desire to take, but never got up the gumption for. Information is power…

Some ideas that have been bandied about: how to do a particular dance move, how to draw the human figure, how to pour a metal sculpture, and how to make and use a pinhole camera.

Let me know what you’d like, and I’ll do my best to make it happen. And maybe I’ll even pick up a skill or two in the process.