The worth of an arts education

This morning on Midmorning I interviewed Jay Coogan, the new president of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. We talked not only about MCAD in particular, but the market in general for an arts degree in today’s economy.

People like Richard Florida (author of “The Creative Class”) and Daniel Pink (“the MFA is the new MBA”) say creativity is essential for successful business. But many students and parents think an arts education is both pricey and dicey when it comes to finding steady work. Jay Coogan believes the most exciting work is being done in areas where arts and business combine to innovate new solutions (health care, for example).

What do you think an arts degree is worth today? Is it a smart investment? Or a losing proposition?

  • Susan Gill

    There is nothing more essential to the success of individual students than an Arts background. The Arts teach students how to take risks, think creatively and uniquely, work together as a team and as an individual, motivate students to do better in other classes and give them the confidence to chase their dreams. If there is another avenue that does so much then please let me know…..