The Coen brothers, The Big Lebowski and Dudeism


I’m feeling a little immersed in the Coen brothers at the moment. Anticipation abounds for their latest film “A Serious Man,” which is set in their home town of St. Louis Park and features some great local actors, including Ari Hoptman and Claudia Wilkins. The film opens on October 2.

But if that seems like forever-and-a-day away, not to worry – in the weeks leading up to the premiere, the Walker Art Center is hosting a Coen brothers retrospective, called “Raising Cain.” That begins September 18th.

This weekend, fans of the Coen brothers’ movie “The Big Lebowski” are dressing up as their favorite characters and heading out to “Lebowski Fest.” Friday night features a movie party at First Avenue, while Saturday night is all about bowling at Memory Lanes.

But wait, there’s more! Tomorrow I’ll be filling in on Midmorning, and at 10am I’ll be interviewing the author of “The Dude Abides,” an exploration of religious and moral themes in the Coen brothers’ canon. Author Cathleen Falsani is an ordained priest of “Dudeism” (as well as the religion columnist for the Chicago Sun Times).