Take the Movie Natters Poll: which movie will you see this weekend?

Thomas Turgoose considers his options in the Movie Natters Poll while on the set of “Somers Town” (Image courtesy Film Movement, photo:Dean Rogers )

There’s not quite as much choice as in some recent weeks, but still there’s a lot at which to look.

There’s the new Bruce Willis sci-fi on having your own personal robot, “Surrogates” Shane Weathers take on modern teenhood in London in “Somers Town”, a French film on how impending mortality can change your perspective, “Paris,” Charlize Theron and Kim Bassinger work a script about adultery from the writer of “Babel” and “21 Grams,” in “The Burning Plain,” the director of “Notes on a Scandal” also takes on adultery in “The Other Man,” and finally, a monsters in space frightener, “Pandorum.”

Which ONE movie opening in Minnesota this weekend will you go see?(polls)

And if you are moved to give us some reasons behind your pick, please comment below.

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