Happy photo, happy heart

It’s an act of affection and intimacy. You’re saying good-bye to a loved one or friend, and you give them a peck on the cheek – a simple gesture to let them know you love them.


Barb luvs Bonnie

Photographer Bonnie Fournier took a photograph of herself standing with her sister, and at the last second her sister turned and gave her “a smooch.” The photo wasn’t great – the camera was heavy, and so the angle was off – but the photo stuck with Fournier, and became a source of joy for her. Thus, “The Smooch! Project” was born.


Claire luvs Jerilyn – All in the Family: Moms luv Kids

Fournier calls The Smooch! Project “a reminder to all of the enduring human capacity to love and care for another.” Parents and children, brothers and sisters, best friends, lovers of all ages – they all volunteer to step forward and show their affection for one another. And it’s not just limited to humans – many people choose to smooch their pets (or have their pets smooch them) in front of Fournier’s camera.


Gabe luvs Tara – Animals & Their Humans

Buddhist by practice, Fournier says her photo essay, now in it’s fourth year, is about love, tolerance and gratitude. And it’s about sharing that moment when the heart is uplifted.


Yvonne luvs Victoria – All in the Family: Moms luv Kids

Fourier has based all of her work in Minnesota thus far, setting up regular smooch-fests for anyone to attend (you can find out about her upcoming shoots here). But her goal is to collect 10,000 images from around the world. So now Fournier is attempting to get some major backing to take The Smooch! Project global. That backing, she hopes, will come from Ellen Degeneres.


Elena luvs Ellen

Fournier is inviting folks to line up to kiss an image of Degeneres. She’ll then compile the images and send them off to the media star in the hopes that Degeneres will find the project worthy of her funding.

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