Guthrie to show three more National Theatre broadcasts this season

The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis announced today it will show three more NT Live broadcasts from the National Theatre in London. The decision follows the success of the the NT performance of Phedre with Helen Mirren in midsummer.

The three shows are Shakespeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well” (right) on Oct 24th and 25th at 1pm, “Nation” by Terry Pratchett (Feb 5th and 6th at 7,30,) and a new Allen Bennett play “The Habit of Art” on May 1st and 2nd.

Some theaters will take the NT feed live, but due to timing considerations, and other shows already booked in the theater, the Guthrie shows will be tape delayed.

The Guthrie’s Lee Henderson says while there were a few technical glitches on “Phedre” the production was very well received. He says the Metropolitan Opera has already prepared audiences for the idea through its productions sent to theaters around the world. He says patrons know the quality of the National Theatre and then curiosity brings them in.

He also points out that it’s expensive to fly to London to see a show, and this arrangement offers a unique opportunity.

“To see four shows at the National Theater in London is just not possible for the average theater-goer in Minneapolis,” he says.

The Guthrie is betting the broadcast option will work well as an affordable substitute. If local audiences like it, the Guthrie may make future NT Live broadcasts a regular feature.

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