Graffiti that needs no clean-up


Detail of image “sparkling fire circle” by LAPP

It’s the perennial fourth of July favorite past-time – to draw pictures or words in the air with your sparkler. Take that idea about a thousand steps forward and you have “light graffiti,” the art of creating surreal, sci-fi-esque images in the night using all sorts of lamps, flashlights, glowing wands, and fireworks.

Combine those lights with choreographed movement and long exposure cameras, and the result is similar to seeing a UFO landing.


Detail of image “cold” by LAPP

LAPP (Light Art Performance Photography) is the German group responsible for these photographs. On their website they state the images are each the result of one long exposure, without the use of any computer enhancement.


Detail of image “the guardians” by LAPP

It’s interesting how knowing that these images were made by hand, and not using digital manipulation, gives them an extra “cool” factor. Why? Does it really matter either way?