Tornado sends Guthrie audiences for cover, closes Electric Fetus

No one can upstage Mother Nature. As a tornado swept through Minneapolis this afternoon, Twitter came alive with reports from local businesses. Among them, the Guthrie Theater twitterfeed states “Sirens sounding near the Guthie. Staff and audiences taking cover in the theaters.”

Meanwhile Electric Fetus reports: “Ok, apparently @efetusmpls was hit by a tornado. We are dealing with it now. No one was hurt. FETUS IS CLOSED.”

More updates as they come in…

Update at 2:50pm – Guthrie Theater now reports all is clear, and the theater is back to normal operations.

Update at 2:55pm – Electric Fetus reports: “Hey all – thanks for your concern. It came fast & furious. Fire trucks there now. Staff & customers sent home. Will update as we know more.”

Update at 3:03pm – Electric Fetus: “Store is mostly ok btw. Window damage & damage to outer bldg. A few cars hurt & fence down.”

  • WotTheJuice?

    WOW. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of a tornado hitting S. Minneapolis!! Glad no one is hurt!

    God bless!

  • jlowell

    Actually, South Minneapolis has had several tornados over the years–one ran from Edina to Roseville back in, I think 1987(88?). What’s new is that this one hit the holy shrine of the Electric Fetus–I hope the portrait of Nixon’s wasn’t damaged…

  • George

    Actually Edina & Roseville are south of Minneapolis, not south Minneapolis.

  • WeatherOrNot

    Actually Edina & Roseville are south of Minneapolis, not south Minneapolis.

    Posted by George | August 19, 2009 4:57 PM

    Which means, dear George, that that tornado traversed south Minneapolis and downtown. It was 1981 and I watched it from a downtown high rise.

  • ReallySmart

    I was watching the Matinee of WHEN WE ARE MARRIED, and didn’t hear a thing, actually. While in the theatre, it was truly soundproof, although all the staff was prepared to take the necessary measures in case it came closer to the theatre. I had to read online, after the show, that a tornado touched down in the city.