Take the Movie Natters Poll: what will you see this weekend?

Jeremy Piven (center) clearly feels he’s got “The Goods” and made the right decision when cons9idering the options in the Movie Natters poll. (Image courtesy Paramount Vantage)

There are nine, count ’em, NINE new movies opening in the Twin Cities this weekend, and they run the gamut, from the new Miyazaki animated gem to a documentary about the history of the no-holds-barred Ozploitation movies (which shocked even Tarantino.)

We have: Ashton Kutcher as a serial womanizer in Spread, kids with a magic stone in “Shorts,” South African sci-fi in “District 9,” love and Asberger’s in “Adam,” love and temporal shifting in “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” Jeremy Piven doing car sales and off-color jokes in “The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard,” teens seeking fame and fortune in “Bandslam,” Miyazaki’s tale of a little boy who finds the daughter of the sea god, “Ponyo”, and the very graphic documentary “Not Quite Hollywood” on the blood, nudity and violence of Ozploitation. (You can see the trailer here, but please be warned it is aimed at adults.)

So it’s time to make a choice:

And please feel free to expand on your choice below.

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