We Art Minnesota: Ch’ing Dynasty jade plate


Claire Thoen sent in our latest submission to the We Art Minnesota series. Her favorite piece of art is found in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ permanent collection. She writes:

There are hundreds of works of art that I love and could be considered favorites but I am drawn to this one because it had a place in someone’s daily life. I like to think of the delight it gave to those who used it.

It’s translucence draws me to it and a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is not really complete until I’ve visited this precious object one more time.

Claire took these pics with her cell-phone (nice job!) – here’s her favorite vantage point, highlighting the plate’s translucence:


The plate’s label reads:

China, Ch’ing Dynasty

Plate, 18th-19th century


Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Augustus L. Searle

Centrifigal tiers of fluted petals form a chrysanthemum design on both sides of this thin, Indian-style plate, the petals of the flower curling under at the rim. As is typical of much Mughal style jade carving, the quality of the stone is superb and the standard of craftmanship exceptional. Records show this work to have been purchased from the imperial collection in the early 20th century.

Thanks for the submission, Claire!

And for the rest of you out there, if you have a favorite piece of Minnesota art that you’d like to submit, send it on in.

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