How To: Make a Mosaic

If you saw last week’s bit of “fast art,” you know I’ve been hanging out at Mosaic on a Stick lately, learning the ropes. In the process I’ve gained a great deal of respect for the creativity involved in making a really stunning mosaic. While many people consider mosaics to be a sort of craft, enthusiasts know that it can also be high art, in the right hands.

The tradition of making mosaics goes back centuries, and when done correctly they can last for centuries as well. Across much of Europe and North Africa you can visit mosaics that date back to the Roman Empire.

Making a mosaic is surprisingly easy, once you have the right materials in place. Check out this “how to” slideshow. And once you’ve finished, check out the mosaic art of people like Sonia King, Emma Biggs, and Brooks Tower.

(p.s. Many many thanks go to Lori Greene, owner of Mosaic on a Stick, for humoring my quest for knowledge, and for being my hand model for many of the photographs.)