Fast Art: Making a Mosaic

Over the past three weeks I’ve been following Tara Nielson as she made a mosaic at Mosaic On A Stick in St. Paul. Every time she placed a tile, I took a picture. I’ve sped up the results into what I’m calling “Fast Art” (much healthier for you than fast food). Check it out, and if making a mosaic intrigues you, stay tuned for a “How To” presentation next week.

  • That was so fun to watch!!!!

  • This is amazing! So cute, too!

  • Bev Heinen

    That video is very cool. I love the little animals and details. I’m sure it was time consuming and showing the creativity involved in a short video is a great idea. As an artist too, I appreciate the idea. Tara how did you become involved in this great project?

  • Nancy

    Tara is creative, and this video is a fun way to show off!

  • Joanna

    I’m a big fan of Tara’s buses. Thanks for the video, Marianne! Great work.

  • fantastic fast art!! Beautiful mosaic, love all the details. What a fun idea

  • Well, when I saw fast mosaic I was really curious to see how this oxymoron could possibly be true. My own mosaics take hundreds of hours so of course I had to take a look and I love it! What a great idea and it was fun to watch the piece grow bit by bit. I only wonder if there is a way to keep the camera and the art in the same positions so there isn’t so much whole frame jiggling.

    Thanks for taking the time to film and present.

  • Mary Kaye Long


  • Rachel

    Your art is awesome! I miss seeing all of your artwork at Miniapple

  • Rachel

    ps its me! Rachel Edman

  • Natalie

    Your art rocks! P.S. this is Rachel’s friend.

  • Rachel Edman


    You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine

    you are the best artist i’ve ever seen!!

  • Barb Keith

    Tara, that was really cool! Love the mosaic!

  • Susan Jeffreys

    This was a blast! Fun to watch and a great piece! Well done all around!

  • Judy

    It is amazing to see how the piece of art takes it’s form. I like watching it in “fast art” , The bus/car is great!!!

  • This is great, I’m gonna share it on my blog! I will put your link to it too.