Art Hounds: Mixing it up

One of the delights of the late summer is that it’s time when local arts folks mix it up a little.

Take tonight at IFP Minnesota’s Fresh Fete at the Varsity Theater. As the local organization devoted to independent film it will of course be showing films, but blending some chat and a lot of music too. The film comes from local writer director Emily Haddad who won IFP Mn’s Fresh Film grant last year and used it to make “Egg Timer” which will premier at 6.30. There will be a conversation between Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Bill Corbett and local playwright and screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher. The evening will be rounded out by local icon Willie Murphy and the Angel Headed Hipsters and pianist John Sims.

If you haven’t seen the Walker Art Center’s examination of conceptual art “The Quick and the Dead” – or even if you have – it’s worth a visit. There are some 90 pieces by 53 artists, some of which are designed to change over time, hence the value in returning. Take for example Claes von Oldenburg’s “The Garden” which involved burying 100 objects and then exhuming and displaying one item per day. He didn’t specify what the object should be, but the Walker staff chose lemons, and you can see the results in jars in the Center’s lower lobby.

After sell out shows last week the Trylon Microcinema returns with another Buster Keaton film “The Navigator.” Live accompaniment is supplied by the Dreamland Faces, complete with singing saws.

If you are considering a little road trip this weekend, there is the final weekend of the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona, and the always whacky Free Range Film Festival in Webster, about half an our south of Duluth. Movie shorts in a barn, how can you miss?

And for the truly dedicated sports fan the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis is presenting live coverage on the big screen of the Tour de France. You can watch the cyclists sweat while sitting in the finest art deco movie house the Twin Cities has to offer. Admission is free, although they are collecting non-perishable goods for local food shelves, or a $2 donation.

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